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Fox 9

Tech Discounts Offers Place to Refurbish, Recycle Old Tech

M.A. Rosko checks out Tech Discounts in Bloomington to find the best deals on refurbished phones, computers and more.

Star Tribune

Used Electronics Retail Market Boots Up in the Twin Cities

When the CEO of the nonprofit Tech Dump, a St. Paul-based collector and recycler of used, obsolete and damaged electronics, decided to open a new retail store to sell them, she figured “Tech Discounts” would be more enticing…

CCX Media

Golden Valley Nonprofit Provides Deals on Electronics

“Their dollar will go a lot farther shopping here than a big box retailer,” says Amanda LaGrange, CEO of Tech Discounts in Golden Valley, a nonprofit that employs people who have spent time in the justice system or might otherwise be unemployable…


The Fight for the "Right to Repair"

Electronics have become harder to fix. This is, in part, because they’ve become more complex. But some of the problem is by design. Manufacturers have increasingly restricted repair information to authorized repair centers…

CCX Media

Golden Valley Nonprofit Starts Electronic Refurbishing Business

For five years, the nonprofit Tech Dump in Golden Valley has been a go–to for those wanting to unload unwanted computers, cell phones and other electronic gadgets that were once the latest and greatest…

Star Tribune

Local Electronic-Repair Business Expands

CEO Jennifer Larson of Minnetonka-based Vibrant Technologies and CEO Amanda LaGrange of Golden Valley-based Tech Dump are veterans in the business of refurbishing and recycling “electronic waste.”…