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Smart businesses keep an eye on their expenses, but it can be tough to control spending when it comes to your company’s IT needs — especially when it comes to employee computers. You aren’t just ...


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Using Planned Obsolescence For Good

Is planned obsolescence a business strategy? Surely seems like it to us. While we acknowledge it does create jobs and builds into our consumer market, it also takes it’s toll on our environment. That’s why we want to do our part at Tech Discounts to re-purpose and reuse as much – and often – as possible.

Data Recovery Services

If you own a computer, chances are you’ve probably had a moment of, “Huh, I thought I saved it right here…” or “Shoot! I didn’t mean to delete that!” Don’t hang your head because you’re not alone – it happens to the best of us!

So what do you do?

The Effects of the “Fair Repair” Bill

As one can assume, all of us over here in the reuse world are firm supporters of the right to repair, or “Fair Repair” bill that’s up for debate right now. By nature of our business, this bill would positively affect our day to day operations in the repair realm. Average consumers would also benefit as they seek answers for commonly asked questions such as, “How do I replace my phone battery?” or “How do I replace my iMac screen?”

5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday

It’s that time of year- friends and families gather for celebrations, holiday lights decorate trees, and shopping lists include finding the right gift.

Just because it’s a time of giving, doesn’t mean you have to give up on your environmental commitments.  We have 5 tips to keep your holiday eco-friendly: