Buying Electronics? In Honor of Second Chance Month, Choose Refurbished Electronics Instead

Buying Electronics? In Honor of Second Chance Month, Choose Refurbished Electronics Instead

Looking to buy electronics?

If it’s time to replace your old laptop, trade in your smartphone, or upgrade your gaming console, buying brand new equipment isn’t your only option.

Buying refurbished electronics through Tech Discounts gives you the chance to replace equipment that no longer meets your needs in a way that provides far-reaching benefits  to you, the environment, and others. If you haven’t bought refurbished before, Second Chance Month is the perfect time to consider doing so.

What Is Second Chance Month?

April is Second Chance Month, a month that highlights the importance of helping formerly incarcerated people reenter society.

second chance month

We take this to heart at Tech Discounts, where every month is Second Chance Month: Throughout the year, we provide hundreds of thousands of employment hours and nearly a million dollars in wages to individuals with barriers to employment.

But, you might ask, what does this have to do with refurbished electronics? Well, at Tech Discounts, we are in the business of giving second chances in more ways than one.

In addition to giving formerly incarcerated people a second chance at a career, we work to give used electronics a second life by refurbishing and reselling them. By purchasing electronics from Tech Discounts, you help us provide job training and reap the benefits of buying refurbished.

It’s a win-win.

Buying Refurbished Saves You Money

One of the most obvious benefits of buying refurbished equipment is the cost savings.

Refurbished technology is always less expensive than new. Discounts vary depending on what you’re buying, but in some cases you can save 50% or more off of retail prices!

Upgrade to a Model With Better Specs


The money you save buying refurbished technology could be enough to allow you to buy a model with specifications that would normally be outside of your budget.

For instance, when you buy a refurbished computer, you may be able to afford more hard drive capacity or a more robust CPU than you could if you bought a new model. In fact, you could end up with a higher-performing machine at the same (or lower) cost as a new one!

Opt for Older Generation Equipment

Or maybe you have a favorite model that has been discontinued? Sometimes, an older model just meets our needs better than the new, updated version.

Once new models of computers, smartphones, and other electronics are on the market, it is often difficult to find older generation equipment because the manufacturer either discontinues them or limits the supply.

Buying refurbished gives you access to a wider range of models than you’d find on a typical store shelf, so you can choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Refurbished Electronics Are Tested and Certified


Refurbished technology often experiences more rigorous testing and retesting than  new products.

At Tech Discounts, we test every item before we sell it (unless it is brand new in its original, sealed box). Our skilled technicians check for defects and repair or replace all damaged parts, then complete thorough testing to ensure the item is ready to sell.

With such comprehensive procedures, refurbished items are less likely to have defects or damage, and can be even more reliable than a new machine! Plus, they come with a warranty (view our warranty and return policy here).

The Environment Will Thank You

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Manufacturing new electronics uses significant resources. Giving old electronics a second life through refurbishing helps ensure those resources don’t go to waste. Not only does refurbishing computers and other electronics keep them out of the landfill, it helps to reduce excess manufacturing of new electronics and their components.

Reusing old electronics in this way is a great way to care for the environment while keeping your tech up to date.

Choose From New Inventory Every Week at Tech Discounts

When you buy refurbished electronics from Tech Discounts, you’ll have a wide variety of brands and models to choose from. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, check back next week — we have new inventory arriving every single week.

Whether you visit our retail stores or shop online, our friendly and experienced team can help you find the right equipment for your budget and needs.

Tech Discounts offers high quality refurbished, vintage, and new technology for every need. From affordable computer systems and parts to rare and vintage electronics and more, Tech Discounts has what you need to outfit your home or office. Visit our retail stores or our website to browse our available options.

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