Let's Support Our Community | A Letter from Our CEO Amanda LaGrange

Let's Support Our Community | A Letter from Our CEO Amanda LaGrange

To our cherished Tech Discounts community and customers,

You’ve been keeping us busy with your technology needs for working and educating from home. We cannot say THANK YOU enough for your support and business during this time. We are grateful for each purchase.

Each dollar spent on technology with us supports our work readiness training program for adults with a history of incarceration or in recovery from addiction. We are hard at work navigating these uncertain times for our crew and our business.

There is another area where I’m hoping you will join us in supporting our community impacted by incarceration. 

The articles lately on the impact of COVID-19 in prisons have been alarming. There is not space or practices that allow for the type of physical distancing necessary to keep people safe and to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

My hope is that on the other side of this pandemic, our entire society is reminded of the truth that we all are connected and we all need each other. 

I hope you'll join me in supporting our community, including those presently incarcerated.

While we can often feel helpless, there are a few things we CAN do:

  1. Educate yourself with news pieces like this one from Kare11 or these from The Marshall Project.
  2. Use the MN Freedom Fund's guide of what to say and who to call to ask for action.
  3. Follow along on MN Ombuds for Corrections’ Facebook page for updates and additional ways to engage.
  4. Share with your network and invite them to also take action.

If there are ways you are stepping up for our incarcerated community members, please share with us!  

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