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My older device can no longer connect with iTunes. What can I do?

My older device can no longer connect with iTunes. What can I do?

If your computer doesn’t recognize your iPhone, iPad, or iPod you may feel at a loss. Is my device obsolete? Apple officially phased out iTunes last year and broke it up into three separate apps, including the new Apple Music. This has left many veteran Apple handheld users wondering “How do I access my music or other data?” Your older device may be entirely functional, but what do you do when it can no longer connect to iTunes? Here are three options to help you freely access your music, photos, and more across your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or PC without the restrictions of iTunes. This allows a fuller user experience across older devices while also offering new options for data management, backup, and transfer. 



iMazing helps you freely manage the music, messages, files and data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch without using iTunes. With iMazing, transferring songs is simple! You can drag and drop your files without syncing. This allows you to access your music from the iOS Music app, the same as if it was synced from iTunes. 

Aside from making it possible to use your out-of-date devices, iMazing has many other awesome features. It makes transferring data between your iPhone and Mac fast and easy, as well as transferring data between iPhones. You are able to backup and manage multiple devices making it way easier to manage your and your family’s files. 

iMazing is free to download and run on your Mac or PC and offers a 7-day free trial. the free trial offers unlimited and automatic backups, but you’ll need to upgrade to the full version to restore files from the backups. The trial also limits data transfer between your device and your computer. Once you exceed the limit, you will need to buy a license to unlock the full version, which costs a one time fee of $44.99 for a single user


dr.fone - Phone Manager

Dr.fone - Phone Manager fully supports iOS 13 and all iOS devices and allows you to transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music and video between your iOS devices, Windows/Mac computer, or iTunes quick and easy. You can transfer your files one by one, or in bulk. And best of all, there is no need for iTunes! 

Dr.fone - Phone Manager breaks the iTunes restrictions and makes music transfer on an iPhone or iPod Touch easy like never before. It also allows you to edit and manage your playlists without iTunes. 

With several different price-points and packages, you can find the right license that fits your personal or business needs. Find a 1-Year License for 1 to 5 devices and 1 PC for $39.95 a year. There are also Lifetime Licenses and Business Licenses available as well as various toolkits so you can customize your features. 


AnyTrans breaks iTunes’ sync boundaries to allow you to easily transfer files across your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and computer. A user-friendly experience with easy drag and drop, and one quick click capabilities. 

Transfer music freely between your iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer and iTunes. Free from iTunes’ restrictions, AnyTrans gives you a fast and unlimited music syncing experience. A single click rapidly exports music or photos to your computer by category, such as playlists, Live Photos, Selfies, or albums you’ve created. It will even convert HEIC photos to JPG if you need it! You can also batch-remove files that are safely backed up to make room for more. 

A single 1-Year License goes for $39.99 with Lifetime and Family Licenses available. 


As an organization, Tech Discounts values repair and reuse whenever possible. We hope one of these tools can help extend the life of your device or give you new tech options that fit your needs and budget. 

Looking for an MP3 player? Tech Discounts sells a variety of iPods and MP3 players so you can take your music on the go! 

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