Electronics Repairs, Custom Computer Builds, and MORE available at our Golden Valley Location!

Electronics Repairs, Custom Computer Builds, and MORE available at our Golden Valley Location!

Here at Tech Discounts we offer services to serve all your technology needs. We offer computer/phone/tablet repair, PC upgrading, custom builds, and quality of life improvements.

When we take your PC in for repair we go through all the necessary steps to get you up and running! PC's tend to get slower with time due to people not upgrading their equipment, for example going from a standard hard drive to a solid state drive is a huge upgrade and will increase boot and operating speed exponentially.

Another more common problem people face is having a virus. A virus can have many effects on your computer some which include:

  • Slow Load Times
  • Corruption of Data
  • Stolen Information
  • Frequent Computer Crashes
  • Erratic Computer Behavior
  • Mass Emails Sent From Your Account

If you have any of these symptoms you probably have a virus! Always be sure to have some sort of virus removal software to prevent this in the future. We are equipped to deal with almost any repair! Call us today at 763-548-2202.

Custom Gaming PCs

A new service we are providing will include the building of custom gaming PCs for our customers! We know that building a PC can be a large headache with many problems that can come from trying to build it yourself. We want to lift that weight off your shoulders by providing this service to you all at an affordable rate.

Here are some benefits of having a custom gaming PC:

  • Efficient Cooling System
  • Performance & Reliability
  • Amazing Warranty Options
  • Complete Control of Customization
  • Expandability
  • Member of the PC Master Race

Let us know what type of games you are wanting to play and we will build a custom PC that meets your needs!

Tech Discounts offers countless deals on electronics to help serve the community and further our mission. By shopping with us you help break down the barriers to employment many people with a history of incarceration face. We thank you for your continued support in our mission!

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