Ramsey County TechPak Initiative

Ramsey County TechPak Initiative

Tech Discounts has always worked to make quality technology accessible to the public. We have a great track record helping individuals, nonprofit groups, and businesses find affordable, high-quality tech items and systems. (You can get a great feel for our work and appreciative client base in this video.) We even offer a one-year full warranty on all purchases.

During this era of COVID-19, we are also focusing on new ways to expand our mission—and you can help!

Launched in August, Ramsey County is partnering with Tech Discounts and our recycling arm, Tech Dump, along with Literacy Minnesota to collect materials for Workforce TechPaks distributed to people experiencing unemployment or underemployment due to COVID-19. Each TechPak will include a refurbished laptop computer, pre-loaded with helpful job-finding and training information, an internet hotspot and service, and a headset. These will be distributed by Ramsey County and City of St. Paul Libraries. These laptops will come with hardware tech support, as well as that same standard one-year warranty that our customers so appreciate.

Members of the public, businesses, and organizations of all sizes are invited to participate by donating excess laptops to the program. Used laptops and accompanying cords and cables can be dropped off at Tech Dump or Tech Discounts, and businesses can schedule a local pickup with Tech Dump.  We have a goal of collecting, updating, and distributing at least 500 laptops!  

Tech Dump’s technicians will completely wipe all previous data from donated laptops before making any necessary repairs or upgrades to the computers. Third-party auditing ensures safe processing and secure data destruction, and Tech Dump prioritizes reuse and recovery over the disposal of materials. Tech Dump has environmentally and socially responsible solutions for disposal of any components deemed unusable. 

Your donation will break barriers to resources and technology, and help people whose lives and livelihoods have been impacted by the pandemic. Let’s make a difference together.

To coordinate laptop donations, please email: scheduling@techdump.org, go online to TechDump.org, or call 763-432-3117.

Bring in your surplus laptops today and feel great about connecting our community to tech!!

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