The Effects of the “Fair Repair” Bill

The Effects of the “Fair Repair” Bill

As one can assume, all of us over here in the reuse world are firm supporters of the right to repair, or “Fair Repair” bill that’s up for debate right now. Just last week, CityPages wrote an excellent article about how this bill would impact companies such as ours. By nature of our business, this bill would positively affect our day to day operations in the repair realm. Average consumers would also benefit as they seek answers for commonly asked questions such as, “How do I replace my phone battery?” or “How do I replace my iMac screen?”

How else would the “Fair Repair” bill benefit us and the community?

1) Solutions: Without access to the manuals, parts and sometimes proprietary tools used for assembly, diagnoses can only be taken so far. Having full transparency to product assembly and tools would shed light on issues that are fixable.

2) Job Creation: Products that are repairable need someone to repair them, right? Well, in line with our mission of creating jobs for people facing barriers to employment, the “Fair Repair” bill would require more hands on deck to tackle these now repairable items. More items needing to be fixed equals more jobs available to fix those items.

3) Environmental Impact: Simply put, we love our Earth and want to keep it as long as possible. With the passing of this bill, it would mean we could prolong the use of our electronics by fixing them instead of tossing them aside and buying new when a problem arises. Items especially prone to this are phones, causing consumers to purchase new when it might be a battery fix or something similarly as simple. But where we stand now, those “simple” fixes are not exactly simple, resulting in consumers heading back to stores to purchase new products.

So…after hearing a few of the positive effects this bill would bring, you might be wondering what’s next. We suggest showing your support of this bill and voice your desire for your right to repair by writing a letter to your state Senators and Representatives. Share with friends and spread the word on the consumer’s right to repair their own gadgets!

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