Using Planned Obsolescence For Good

Using Planned Obsolescence For Good

Is planned obsolescence a business strategy? Surely seems like it to us. While we acknowledge it does create jobs and builds into our consumer market, it also takes it’s toll on our environment. That’s why we want to do our part at Tech Discounts to re-purpose and reuse as much – and often – as possible.

When items are collected through our recycling division, Tech Dump, they go through a sorting process of what items can be re-purposed and what items are to be recycled. Once an item is deemed repairable or reusable, our staff pulls out all stops to ensure your data is safe and secure (of course they ensure your data is secure if it’s being recycled, too).

Tech Discounts technicians then prepare the product for resale. They might replace a damaged screen, upgrade a hard drive, fix a keyboard or simply clean the components to make them ready for our customers. We specialize in an assortment of items, from tablets to laptops, desktops to smart TVs, and phones to speaker systems. There’s hardly an item we won’t try and save from recycling.

These items then find a home in our stores: either in person on our Golden Valley or Bloomington sales floor, or through our e-commerce store on eBay. The sales of these items directly funds our organization (did you know we’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit?!) and further our mission of providing jobs for individuals with barriers to employment.

We strive to make the most out of manufacturer’s planned obsolescence production model. When creating items that are intended to only last a few years, our staff swoops in and does our part to maintain and revive such items. Not only do we save these items from landfills, we’re also creating more jobs because of the increase in discarded products – all for the sake of upgrading an iPhone or a seemingly failing laptop.

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