9 Tips for Back to School Sustainability

Back to school season prompts big spending — the average American family spends nearly $600 each fall on school supplies, new clothes, and college gear. Although we might be tempted to buy every item at Target’s back to school sale or on Amazon, it’s important to think about what we consume and how to head back to school with sustainability in mind.

Tech Discounts: A Logo Story

As members of the electronics recycling industry, Tech Dump has always held ourselves to high standards to keep the Earth, our employees, and our customers’ data safe and secure. In fact, Tech Discounts grew out of our desire in our recycling division, Tech Dump, to make every effort to REUSE old electronics whenever possible. 

Over 90% of Mobile Devices Can be Re-used

PETALING JAYA: Over 90% of the materials used in mobile devices and accessories can be recovered through proper recycling.

However, recycling the usual household items such as newspapers, bottles and plastics is a lot easier than recycling e-waste as most do not know where to dispose of their unusable electronics.

Technofossils: The Long-Term Impact of E-Waste

If alien archeologists excavate the earth thousands of years from now, they may believe that computers–and not humans–were the primary form of life on the planet.

Scientists have discovered that fossilized technology, or technofossils will be the primary evidence of human life in the future, meaning that old computers and phones sitting in landfills could be around millions of years after humans are gone.

Rare Earth Metals and the Importance of Reusing Technology

Without elements known as rare earth metals, our computers would still be the size of a classroom.

The 17 elements at the bottom of the periodic table known as rare earth metals possess properties necessary for making technology lighter, faster and smarter. Rare earth metals are used to make light bulbs, cell phones, electric cars, MRI machines, camera lenses, and other technology.

Why Refurbished Computers are a Win-Win-Win

Technology has changed the way we live and do business, but now that we’re all dependent on electronics, progress comes at a steep price. As your old computers break or become obsolete, you can’t always afford to invest in a brand new replacement. Fortunately for you, we collect working computers and other electronics through Tech Dump’s electronics recycling program. When you buy refurbished electronics from Tech Discounts, everyone wins: