Thank you for purchasing a computer from Tech Discounts. We stand behind the reliability of our products and are here to support any issues you may have with your equipment. 


To receive technical support of any kind, start by opening a support ticket directly with TechSoup's ticketing system.

Reporting a Shipping Problem

You must contact us within 2 days of the delivery date if your order shows "delivered" when you track it, but you have not received it.

Full Delivery Acceptance Instructions

Please inspect your package right way (open shipping boxes to inspect their contents), before signing for the delivery. Do not assume the item is undamaged because the packaging does not show signs of damage. Do not sign for or accept delivery of any packages that are visibly damaged without first inspecting their contents. If the delivery person refuses to allow you to inspect the merchandise, ask him or her to wait while you contact their office or customer service department. If the merchandise appears to be damaged, please refuse delivery of the item and notify our customer service department.

Concealed Damage

In the event you have signed for a shipment and you subsequently find there to be damage that was concealed by the packaging, do not throw away the packing materials or cartons or there will be no basis for a claim to file on your behalf. Concealed damage is damage that occurred either at the factory or during shipment that is not obvious without removing the packaging. If you discover concealed damage, take pictures of the packaging and computer damage, and contact Tech Discounts. You have 14 days to report product damaged that occurred during shipment.

Warranty Replacement Policy

Tech Discounts' equipment has either a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee or 1-Year Warranty period. The length of the warranty will be established from TechSoup at the time of purchase. The warranty period begins on the date we finalize the configuration of your hardware.

  • All defective products must be returned within the product's warranty period.
  • A defective Desktop PC that is returned for a replacement may be repaired or replaced at Tech Discounts' discretion.
  • Warranties apply to hardware defects only; any user caused issue or physical damage is not eligible for warranty replacement or repair.
  • You must initiate warranty replacement requests by contacting Tech Discounts.
  • You must receive approval before you send the equipment back.
  • You must return the equipment within 10 business days after receiving approval.

Return Policy

  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 14 days.
  • Returns are NOT allowed after 14 days from the date item(s) were purchased with the exception of warranty repairs or replacements (see above for Warranty Replacement Policy).
  • Any user caused issues, alterations, obvious wear or damage will not be eligible for a refund or exchange.
  • You must initiate return requests by contacting Tech Discounts.
  • You must receive approval before you send the equipment back.
  • You must return the equipment within 10 business days after receiving approval.

Take-back Recycling Instructions

Send your old hardware from TechSoup for free and responsible recycling

When your computer reaches the end of its useful life, don't just throw it away. Refurbishes recover valuable raw materials from used computers and dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly fashion. Dispose of your old hardware that was obtained through TechSoup responsibly with our take-back program. 

The refurbished computers available to nonprofits through TechSoup are meant to last, but will eventually outlive their usefulness. That's why TechSoup offers free and responsible end-of-life recycling for any refurbished hardware you've received from us. To ensure that our refurbisher partners dispose of these computers in an environmentally responsible way at no cost to nonprofits and libraries. 

If your hardware has this sticker:

Hardware Validation Sticker

Send an email to with the asset number of your hardware.

Tech Discounts will verify it was obtained through TechSoup and send you a prepaid mailing label. 

Free data destruction is included with recycling, however, consider taking these recommended precautionary steps to reset the device before sending back the following products we offer:

Pack the hardware in any box that will fit it with newspaper or other packing materials, seal it, and mail with the label securely attached.